- General Benchmark instructions
Key dates
Oct 2, 2017: Instruction and Material Data files are open
Jan 4, 2018: “Benchmark Report Submission” page will open on the right-sided menu
Mar 1, 2018: Deadline for Benchmark Report Submission
The benchmark results must be received by this date in order to be analyzed by the benchmark committee and to appear in the Conference Proceedings.

Benchmark 1 – Hole Expansion of High Strength Steel Sheet
 For general enquiries regarding BM1, contact: kuwabara@cc.tuat.ac.jp
BM1_Material Data

Description of Upgrade: 
2/10/2017 "BM1_Instruction", "BM1_Material Data", and "BM1_Report" are uploaded.
5/10/2017 Fig.2(b) in "BM1_Instruction" is corrected.
12/12/2017 The magnitude of the blank-holding force (800 kN) was added on page 3 in "BM1_Instruction".
23/2/2018 "BM1_Report " is corrected; a cell for S (mm) is added.

Benchmark 2 – Cup Drawing of Anisotropic Thick Steel Sheet
 For general enquiries regarding BM2, contact: t.inoue@aw-i.co.jp
BM2_Material Data

BM2_Surface roughness of the tools
Data file for the blank: blank.dxf blank.igs
Data file for the die geometry used in Task 1: tools_task1.dxf tools_task1.igs
Data file for the die geometry used in Tasks 2 and 3: tools_tasks2-3.dxf tools_tasks2-3.igs
Description of Upgrade: 
2/10/2017 "BM2_Material Data" is updated. "BM2_Instruction" is revised.
19/12/2017 " BM2_Surface roughness of the tools " is uploaded.
Benchmark 3 – Prediction of Yield Locus and R-value Distribution for 5000-Series Aluminum Alloy Sheet Using Crystal Plasticity Analysis
  Those who wish to participate in the BM3 must fill in the file “BM3_Registration Form” and send it to Kengo Yoshida (yoshida.kengo@shizuoka.ac.jp) by November 1, 2017.
BM3_Registration Form

BM3_Uniaxial tension data in RD
Description of Upgrade:
13/9/2017 "BM3_Uniaxial tension data in RD" is uploaded.